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Connect with Decius today for Services


Keynote Speaker

Book Decius today to serve as your keynote speaker for graduations, young men and men’s
conferences, or any event in which you would like your audience to leave empowered and
ready to thrive.

Mentor for Young Men

Positive role models provide young men with guidance necessary to navigate life and stay on the proper path. Whether for personal growth, or spiritual growth this service is designed to fit your needs.


Mindset Coaching for Young Men

There is power in positive thinking. How we view ourselves, our circumstances, our struggles, and our strengths are often displayed in our choices and actions. This coaching service will help equip you with a mindset for success. Winning starts with the belief that you can.

Leadership Coaching for Young Men

Are you a leader, but desire to be a better one? Are you seeking a leadership role, but need coaching to become more confident? Do you desire to be a leader, but feel that you don’t have the tools you need to become one? This service caters to all things leadership. Whether it’s for the football team, or the job, this service is uniquely designed for you.


Empowerment for Young Men

There are times when all we need to get to the next level is validation that we are enough. We
are good enough. We are intelligent enough. We are strong enough. We are courageous enough. This service can be viewed as your launchpad into purpose.

Young Man We Gotta Make It to Heaven Workshop

Based on the book Young Man We Gotta Make It to Heaven, this group service is designed to encourage boys and young men to strive for eternal reward from a Christian perspective. Inspired by the promise that failure isn’t final, and obedience yields reward, this workshop is designed to transform boys and young men into fearless leaders in their faith.

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