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Failure isn't final... Obedience Yields Reward

Young Man We Gotta Make It To Heaven – Book excerpt

We are responsible for our choices, and as imperfect humans, we often make mistakes. But in order to reach Heaven, we must strive for the eternal. In Young Man We Gotta Make It to Heaven, educator Decius Brown encourages men of all ages, starting as early as age eleven, to live a life that is pleasing to God, one that is focused on an eternal life in Heaven. Since his salvation at a young age, Brown faced challenges and endured failure before he found success, and he draws from his personal experience to offer a lifeline for those who are struggling to follow Christ. A moving testimony, Young Man We Gotta Make It to Heaven is the ultimate guidebook for fostering future generations of Christian men.

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About the Author

Decius Brown attended Claflin University where he played baseball and majored in physical education. He holds a master’s degree in athletic administration from Ohio University. He is currently a dean of students at a Washington, DC based high school and has been working in the field of education for seventeen years. When not writing, he enjoys mentoring and helping youth harness their potential. He believes that leading others to Christ and helping others strengthen their relationship with God is his life’s purpose. He currently resides in Maryland with his wife and son.

About the Author


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